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Box 4/Cd 1/08 Mac Band Featuring The Mc Campbell Brothers Roses Are Red (Extended Version).mp3 21.83 MB
Box 1/Cd2/05 The Gap Band Oops Up Side Your Head (I Don t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance).mp3 19.93 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/09 Guy Her.mp3 19.62 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/10 Stephanie Mills (You re Puttin ) A Rush On Me (Extended Club Mix).mp3 19.39 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/10 New Edition - You re Not My Kind Of Girl (Extended Version).mp3 19.28 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/02 New Edition Crucial (Album Version).mp3 18.94 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/08 ABC The Night You Murdered Love (Sheer-Chic Mix).mp3 18.94 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/07 Tramaine - Fall Down.mp3 18.87 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/08 Third World Now That We ve Found Love (Album Version).mp3 18.85 MB
Box 1/Cd3/10 Kurtis Blow Rappin .mp3 18.73 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/01 Level 42 Something About You (Shep Pettibone Remix).mp3 18.51 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/03 Bobby Brown My Prerogative (Extended Remix).mp3 18.44 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/10 Jody Watley Eric B. Rakim Friends (Extended Version).mp3 18.40 MB
Box 1/Cd3/01 Gloria Gaynor I Will Survice (Album Version).mp3 18.30 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/03 Jermaine Jackson Let s Get Serious.mp3 18.22 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/06 Alyson Williams Sleep Talk (Extended Version).mp3 18.19 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/05 Colonel Abrams How Soon We Forget (Extended Version).mp3 17.97 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/10 Midnight Star - Headlines.mp3 17.94 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/06 Michael Jonzun - Burnin Up (12 Version).mp3 17.93 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/10 Central Line Walking Into Sunshine (Original Larry Levan 12 Mix) .mp3 17.89 MB
Box 1/Cd1/04 Lipps Inc. Funkytown (12 Version).mp3 17.84 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/07 The Jets Cross My Broker Heart.mp3 17.81 MB
Box 1/Cd1/01 Dan Hartman I Can Dream About You (Album Version).mp3 17.63 MB
Box 1/Cd1/02 ABC The Look Of Love.mp3 17.57 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/10 One Way You Better Quit (Radio Edit).mp3 17.57 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/02 Womack Womack Teardrops (Extended Remix).mp3 17.51 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/06 The Gap Band Early In The Morning (12 Version).mp3 17.46 MB
Box 1/Cd1/10 The Real Thing Can You Feel The Force .mp3 17.43 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/07 Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman {She s Homeless} ( 98 Remix).mp3 17.21 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/07 Jesse Johnson She (I Can t Resist).mp3 16.90 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/08 Pepsi Shirlie - Heartache (Dot Daisy s Club Remix).mp3 16.87 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/06 Pebbles Mercedes Boy.mp3 16.85 MB
Box 1/Cd2/07 Diana Ross The Boss (12 Remix).mp3 16.70 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/01 Commodores Goin To The Bank.mp3 16.68 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/09 Midnight Star - Don t Rock The Boat.mp3 16.60 MB
Box 1/Cd2/08 Cameo She s Strange (Original 12 Mix).mp3 16.51 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/02 Breakfast Club - Right On Track (Local Mix).mp3 16.48 MB
Box 1/Cd1/06 Irena Cara Flashdance.. What A Feeling ( 95 Version).mp3 16.45 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/01 DeBarge Rhythm Of The Night (Dance Mix).mp3 16.40 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/09 Eric B Rakim Paid In Full (The Coldcut Remix).mp3 16.34 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/07 Bell Biv DeVoe Poison (Extended Club Version).mp3 16.28 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/04 Rick James Super Freak (12 Version).mp3 16.28 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/06 Arthur Baker The Backbeat Disciples The Message Is Love.mp3 16.28 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/01 CeCe Peniston Finally (12 Choice Mix).mp3 16.21 MB
Box 1/Cd3/04 Al Hudson The Partners You Can Do It (12 Version).mp3 16.18 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/01 Commodores - Nightshift (12 Club Mix).mp3 16.17 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/07 Jody Watley Real Love (12 Extended Version).mp3 16.15 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/04 Shanice (Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance.mp3 16.09 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/10 Donna Summer Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Album Version) .mp3 16.09 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/09 Tony Toni Tone Feels Good (Ben Liebrand Mix).mp3 16.04 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/10 Alyson Williams feat. Nikki D. My Love Is So Raw.mp3 15.97 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/06 Ce Ce Peniston We Got A Love Thang (Silky House Thang Mix).mp3 15.94 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/06 Gwen Guthrie It Should Have Been You.mp3 15.94 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/01 Sheena Easton The Lover In Me (Extended Version).mp3 15.92 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/10 Cashflow Mine All Mine (Extended Version).mp3 15.87 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/08 Dan Hartman We Are The Young.mp3 15.86 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/02 Holly Johnson Love Train (Album Version).mp3 15.81 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/05 Oliver Cheatham Get Down Saturday Night .mp3 15.77 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/09 Ollie Jerry - There s No Stopping Us (12 Version).mp3 15.70 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/04 Ready For The World - Oh Sheila (Extended Version).mp3 15.68 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/05 Colonel Abrams I m Not Going To Let You (Get The Best Of Me).mp3 15.65 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/08 Breakfast Club Never Be The Same.mp3 15.64 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/05 Bobby Brown - Don t Be Cruel (Album Version).mp3 15.64 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/02 Will Downing A Love Supreme (Album Version).mp3 15.63 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/09 Mac Band Stalemate (Album Version).mp3 15.62 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/05 Dazz Band Let It All Blow (Special Disco Remix).mp3 15.57 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/04 E.G. Daily Say It, Say It (Album Version).mp3 15.53 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/09 David Joseph You Can t Hide (Your Love From Me) (Original 12 Mix).mp3 15.43 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/03 Windjammer - Tossing Turning .mp3 15.41 MB
Box 1/Cd3/02 The Whispers And The Beat Goes On.mp3 15.40 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/09 Pebbles Girlfriend (Extended Version).mp3 15.33 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/07 Jody Watley Don t You Want Me.mp3 15.27 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/08 Val Young Seduction (12 Version).mp3 15.24 MB
Box 1/Cd3/03 Junior Mama Used To Say (12 Version).mp3 15.24 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/07 Krush House Arrest (The Beat Is The Law).mp3 15.11 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/03 Was Not Was Spy In The House Of Love (Streetsahead Mix).mp3 15.07 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/10 Vanessa Williams (He s Got) The Look (Dance Version).mp3 15.00 MB
Box 1/Cd3/05 Stephanie Mills The Medicine Song (Album Version).mp3 14.99 MB
Box 1/Cd2/03 Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood (Album Version).mp3 14.90 MB
Box 1/Cd1/09 Jerry Knight Overnight Sensation.mp3 14.89 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/07 Colonel Abrams Trapped (12 Regisford Vocal Mix).mp3 14.85 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/02 Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper (12 Version).mp3 14.80 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/05 Bar-Kays - Sexomatic (Full Length Version).mp3 14.73 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/06 Teena Marie - Square Biz (Single Version).mp3 14.73 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/01 Cameo - Back And Forth.mp3 14.66 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/09 Shalamar There It Is (12 Mix).mp3 14.61 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/04 Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke.mp3 14.55 MB
Box 1/Cd2/01 Lionel Richie All Night Long (All Night) (12 Version).mp3 14.52 MB
Box 1/Cd1/05 Kool The Gang Fresh (Original 12 Remix).mp3 14.47 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/05 Quincy Jones feat. Dune - Ai No Corrida (Album Version).mp3 14.46 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/10 Kurtis Blow - I m Chillin (Album Version).mp3 14.45 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/09 Shalamar Make That Move.mp3 14.39 MB
Box 1/Cd2/04 Barry White Let The Music Play (Album Version).mp3 14.38 MB
Box 1/Cd3/07 Shalamar Take That To The Bank (12 Version).mp3 14.30 MB
Box 1/Cd2/10 Lakeside Fantastic Voyage.mp3 14.21 MB
Box 1/Cd2/09 Leon Haywood I m Out To Catch (Album Version).mp3 14.12 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/04 The Temptations Treat Her Like A Lady (Album Version).mp3 14.12 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/05 Georgio Bedrock (Clubmix).mp3 14.09 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/07 Was Not Was - Walk The Dinosaur.mp3 13.88 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/04 Diana Ross I m Coming Out (Album Version).mp3 13.84 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/08 Georgio Lover s Lane (New After Hours Vocal Remix).mp3 13.83 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/03 Robert Palmer You Are In My System (12 Mix).mp3 13.82 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/03 Vesta Williams - Once Bitten Twice Shy (Album Version).mp3 13.80 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/02 Lionel Richie - Running With The Night (Album Version).mp3 13.74 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/02 Gwen Guthrie - Ain t Nothing Goin On But The Rent (Album Version).mp3 13.72 MB
Box 1/Cd3/08 The Brothers Johnson Stomp (12 Single Version).mp3 13.70 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/04 Bomb The Bass Beat Dis (Extended Dis).mp3 13.69 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/08 Jeffrey Osborne - Soweto.mp3 13.55 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/04 The Jets Rocket 2 U.mp3 13.48 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/02 Eric B. Rakim I Know You Got Soul (Extended Mix).mp3 13.47 MB
Box 4/Cd 1/03 Heavy D The Boyz We Got Our Own Thang (Club Version).mp3 13.33 MB
Box 1/Cd2/02 Donna Summer On The Radio (Long Version).mp3 13.27 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/01 Heavy D The Boyz Not That We Found Love.mp3 13.25 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/06 Thelma Houston You Used Hold Me So Tight (Original 12 Mix).mp3 13.14 MB
Box 1/Cd2/06 Rick James Glow.mp3 13.09 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/06 Boyz II Men Motownphilly (12 Club Mix Edited).mp3 13.08 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/08 Johnny Gill Rub You The Right Way (Album Version).mp3 13.05 MB
Box 4/Cd 2/03 Vanessa Williams The Right Stuff (Extended Version).mp3 12.99 MB
Box 5/Cd 3/01 Adamski feat. Seal Killer (Remix).mp3 12.89 MB
Box 1/Cd1/03 Peaches Herb Shake Your Groove Thing (Original 12 Mix).mp3 12.77 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/04 The Gap Band - Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) (Album Version).mp3 12.72 MB
Box 1/Cd1/08 Mary Jane Girls All Night Long (Remix 12 Vocal Version).mp3 12.70 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/05 Rene Angela Save Your Love (For 1) (12 Mix).mp3 12.62 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/05 DNA feat. Suzanne Vega Tom s Diner (12inch Version).mp3 12.52 MB
Box 1/Cd3/06 Leon Haywood Don t Push It Don t Force It.mp3 12.47 MB
Box 4/Cd 3/06 Sly Robbie feat. Shinehead - Boops (Here To Go).mp3 12.37 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/08 The Whispers - Rock Steady.mp3 11.98 MB
Box 1/Cd1/07 La Toya Jackson If You Feel The Funk.mp3 11.93 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/04 Oran Juice Jones The Rain (12inch Version).mp3 11.83 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/09 The Whispers - It s A Love Thing.mp3 11.83 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/03 Technotronic feat. Felly Pump Up The Jam (Original Mix).mp3 11.62 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/01 Diana Ross - Upside Down (12 Remix).mp3 11.51 MB
Box 3/Cd 3/03 Mary Jane Girls In My House (12 Mix).mp3 11.51 MB
Box 2/Cd 3/07 Heavy D The Boyz - Mr. Big Stuff.mp3 11.47 MB
Box 1/Cd3/09 Atlantic Starr Circles.mp3 11.27 MB
Box 2/Cd 1/02 Rockwell Somebody s Watching Me (Album Version).mp3 11.26 MB
Box 5/Cd 1/01 Salt N Pepa Push It.mp3 10.28 MB
Box 5/Cd 2/05 Shanice I Love Your Smile (Extended Version).mp3 9.95 MB
Box 3/Cd 1/03 Diana Ross - My Old Piano (Album Version).mp3 8.95 MB
Box 2/Cd 2/02 Barry White You See The Trouble With Me (Remix).mp3 8.01 MB
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